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Maxis CME Project

MK AB Project – Tower + Foundation

NFP Site

USP – T3/T3E

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Site Acquisition and Site Survey

Infrastructure Civil Works

    Supply of Site Related Material and Logistic Services

    Construction and Equipment Room Installation

      Rooftop Site Preparation and Installation Services


      Maintenance Services

        Earthing & Electrical Work


        Project Management and Documentation Services


        HB Infrastructures & Technologies Sdn. Bhd

        HB Infrastructures & Technologies Sdn. Bhd is a subsidiary company of HB Global Limited incorporated on 29th October 2021 mainly providing CME Supply & installation Services, Telco Structure Supply & Installation Services, Project Management Services and others to our clients. This company is managed by a team of experienced, dedicated and professional engineers who have completed various projects in the past included Maxis CME Project, NFP Site Project and others. Our clients are mainly telecommunication service providers eg. Maxis and others.

        Our Clients