Innotech and Management Services Supply Chain Business Operations (SOP)

Through process improvements,
our clients have reduced inventory costs by as much as 50%

Evolve supply chain planning and processed by using intelligent workflows (AI-capabilities) to reduce operational silos, respond to market disruption, mitigate risks and maintain business continuity.

The benefits of our Innotech and management services supply chain business operations (SOP)

1. Accurate inventory management

Our Innotech and management services ensure the right flow of inventory in and out of the warehouse/storage of a facility. As HB Global’s expertise is in the food & beverage industry, we have learned the importance of effective management as we deal with the challenges of a shorter inventory life cycle. Food or products with a short lifespan means that the time frame which these products can be profitable is much shorter. Our data inventory management technology enables our clients to forecast demand and analyze the supply chain to prevent overstocking, inadequate stock, and unexpected stock-outs. This involves analysis of the replenishment strategies on new, short-life, seasonal, and end-of-life products.

2. Automation in the warehouse management/operations

The warehouse and storage facility is a key part of the food supply chain flow. It is important to ensure that the freezer is operational at all times to ensure the quality of food stored. Our AI systems can solve several of these issues by introducing automation in the warehouse or storage facility. We introduce smart freezers and facilities to ensure that timely repair and maintenance are being done to keep facilities running at all times. AI system is also more accurate than human intervention and could simplify complex procedures such as transferring food from one compartment to another. The AI management of warehouse and storage facilities will also reduce the costs of maintenance in the long run (warehouse employee costs).

3. Reduce Operational Costs

Unlike traditional supply chain management which requires large manpower, AI management helps to reduce the reliance on manpower. From the time bookings or orders were made to the delivery to warehouse or storage facilities, our Innotech and management services optimised intelligent operations to ensure long working hours and reduce the number of errors and workplace incidents. As AI and real-life tracking data monitoring is in place, any disruptions could also be detected faster as compared to manual checks.

4. Timely Delivery For Our Customers

Our Innotech system also helps to facilitate timely delivery to the customers. Our automated system accelerates traditional warehouse problems and procedures, which help to remove operational bottlenecks along the supply chain. This is part of the reasons why we could ensure a better delivery system for our customers.

How Innotech and management services improve supply chain management?

1. Ensure resilience, agility, and predictability

Real-life tracking technology enables a more comprehensive supply chain planning and processes to reduce operational silos. This will enable our clients to respond to market disruptions, mitigate risks and ensure resilience despite the external risks.

Through process improvements from both real-time tracking and data analytics, our clients have seen a cost optimisation of at least 8 to 10%. Inventory costs alone are being reduced by up to 50%.

2. Enable intelligent, end-to-end supply chain transparency

The AI capabilities allow all stakeholders in the supply chain to access real-time data related to booking, delivery, and potential disruption in the supply chain process. Data-driven insights allow our customers to improve on their operational process, identify key weaknesses in the supply chain and increase efficiency.

3. Ensure a smooth transition for new suppliers and partnership

One of the key features of Innotech and management services is our ability to help ensure a smooth transition for new suppliers and partnerships for our customers. Our built-in data analytics allow a real-time check and validation of new suppliers that engaged with our customers. The easier collaboration and partnership accelerate supplier onboarding with our customer’s supply chain system. We will digitise and automate most of the transactions between our clients and their suppliers to reduce costs and increase productivity. Our AI capabilities will also be able to detect any anomaly, additional time cycle with new suppliers, and recommend a solution based on our real-time insights.

4. Real-time visibility and control of orders ensure timely delivery

The transparency on the entire supply chain allows us to help our customers ensure timely delivery based on their commitment. As we combine the multichannel order, inventory, and delivery visibility data insight, our AI capabilities will be able to pinpoint the source of the bottleneck and introduce the next-best actions to solve these issues. This ensures that none of these backlog issues drag onto the delivery system.