Advisory in Supply Chain Related Services

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We put an emphasis on visibility, and with our real-time tracking technology and data management, you will be informed precisely what is going on in every part of your supply chain strategy.
Manage through complexity and business continuity, while leaning into cost optimization and reduction of 8-10% and yet you can track orders from inception to delivery, manage processes and data throughout the order life cycle and get real time visibility into every transaction.
Lack of transaction and inventory visibility continues to be a significant challenge. Solutions with embedded AI capabilities provide real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations to reduce disruption mitigation time. Data-driven insights help you uncover previously unseen savings opportunities to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

We address the supply of parts, materials, personnel and services needed to provide timely and effective product service.


Provide solutions with embedded AI capabilities to provide real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations to reduce disruption mitigation time.

How HB Globally AI Technologies Optimize The Supply Chain Strategy?

1) Ensure resilience, agility and predictability
Real-life tracking technology enable a more comprehensive supply chain planning and processes to reduce operational silos. This will enable our clients to respond to market disruptions, mitigate risks and ensure resilience despite of the external risks.

Through process improvements from both real-time tracking and data analytics, our clients have seen a cost optimization of at least 8 to 10%. Inventory costs alone are being reduced by up to 50%.

2) Enable intelligent, end-to-end supply chain transparency
The AI capabilities allow all stakeholders in the supply chain to access to a real-time data related to booking, delivery and potential disruption in the supply chain process. Data-driven insights allow our customers to improve on their operational process, identify key weakness in the supply chain and increase efficiency.


Among some of the areas that the solutions can be utilised on is in:


• Supply chain management (SCM)
• Field service management
• Service lifecycle management (SLM)
• Material requirements planning (MRP)
• Supply Chain Strategy
• Sourcing & Procurement Management
• Supply Chain Analytics